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Author(s): Engvild, Kjeld C.
Title: Possible evolution of teleological bias, language acquisition, and seach for meaning from primitive agency detection

Author(s): Pyysiäinen, Ilkka; Hauser, Marc
Title: The origins of religion : evolved adaptation or by-product?

Author(s): Ernandes, Michele
Title: Neurobiology and Aztec Cannibalism: A First Encounter and Possible Convergences.

Author(s): Lisdorf, Anders
Title: The Dissemination of Divination in the Roman Republic - A Cognitive Approach

Author(s): Markusson, Gudmundur Ingi
Title: The Blank Spandrels of Dawkins’ Cathedral—the Origins of Religion in The God Delusion

Author(s): Westh, Peter
Title: Anthropomorphism in God concepts: The role of narrative

Author(s): Levy, Gabriel
Title: Religious Cognition: Between Integrated Physiology and Network

Author(s): Lisdorf, Anders
Title: The spread of non-natural concepts - evidence from the Roman prodigy lists

Author(s): Lisdorf, Anders
Title: The conflict over Cicero's house: an analysis of the ritual element in De Domo Sua

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