List of keywords already used in ARC:

Afro-Brazilian cults Bernoulli game Boyer Brazil
CHRNA7 function Christianity Davidson Dawkins
Fowler HADD Hebrew Bible Jesus
Judaism Justin L. Barrett McCauley and Lawson\'s model Optimality Theory
Piaget RT Roman religion Ruth Millikan
Sperber Theory of Mind William.S. Bainbridge action perception
adaptation agency anthropomorphism atheism
belief biological factors blank slate by-product
cannibalism children cognition cognition, mathematics, distinction, life as state being alive
cognitive development cognitive relevance hypothesis counter-intuitive credibility
culture design development dissociation
divination docetics dynamic systems ebionites
embodied cognition emergence emotional salience epidemiology
error management theory evolution evolution evolution of religion
expertise explanation explanatory biases flocking
function fundamentalism gods heuristics and biases
history hyperactive agency detection hyperactive agency detection device hyperactive agency perception device
hypersensitive agency detection device hypnosis innovation intention
intentional explanation intentionality intuitive ontology involuntary experience
language language acquisition language perception literacy
long-term memory magic mathematics, physics, cognition, model of universe, model of cogntion, distinction, reference system mediums
memes memory mind narrative
networks normal CHRNA7 function nutrition and religion omen
omens optimal transmission hypothesis orality origins
origins of religion performance predator avoidance prestige
prophecy psychology, religious recursiveness relevance
religion religion, theology, science, art, society, cognition, global economy, noosphere, accessibility religious development religious language
resurrection ritual ritual theory ritualization
search for intention search for meaning self-relatedness serial recall
serotonin sign social cognition spandrels
spin glasses spirit possession spiritualism story comprehension
stress suggestion superhuman agents superhuman agents.
superstitious conditioning tedium teleological bias teleology
theism theological correctness theory of mind transmission
triangulation triune brain triune brain. variable reinforcement