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ARC number: 21

(Technical Id number: 25)

Author(s): Lisdorf, Anders
Title: The Dissemination of Divination in the Roman Republic - A Cognitive Approach
Category: dissertation
Length (pages): 309
Keywords: divination; intention; Roman religion; ritualization; omen
Abstract: The dissertation constructs a model of how divination is represented in the cognitive system. The model is expanded to include ecological and social factors. The result is a list of factors stipulated to promote the transmission of divination in a population.

An empirical investigation of all known divination practices is carried out with respect to the factors stipulated to be of importance in the dissemination of divination. On the basis of this investigation it is possible to see how the cognitive, ecological and social factors relate to each other and their respective importance.
Downloadable files: ARC-21-The Dissemination of Divination in Roman Republican Times.pdf
Submitted:16/11/2007 20:16:56    (DD / MM / YYYY)
Published:17/11/2007 20:29:45    (DD / MM / YYYY)

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